Don’t be so quick to judge anyone

A young boy had cataract (caused by cloudy patches that develop in the lens of the eye) when he was 3years old. Due to poor treatment, he lost his sight.When he turned 23years he went for an operation and it was successful. He was coming back from the hospital and was happy.The young boy was…More

Rejection doesn’t mean you are not good enough.

Rejection doesn’t mean you are not good enough.A man called his son and showed him a drum shaped old watch.“This is a watch my grandfather gave me. It is more than 150 years, but before I give it to you. I want you to go to watch shops and know how much they are willing…More

Let go of the past,embrace future

Thomas was a 15year old boy.Each time he passed by on the street, he would see a woman crying. One day, he decided to know what was wrong with her. The poor woman was always crying because of her past life mistakes. She felt that she was the unluckiest person in the world.Thomas decided to…More

Sharpen your skills

A very strong woodcutter was employed in a timber merchant. His pay was really good and he was very glad to work in the timber merchant. He was very determined to do his best. The first day at work, he brought down twenty trees. His boss was so proud of him. “That was a great…More

Keep your dreams alive

No dream is too big when one works hard to live it. A teacher was teaching her students. She was asking them what they would want to be in future. “Hugh stand” (the teacher pointed at Hugh). “What do you want to be in future?”, She asked. “Ma, I want to be an inventor. I…More