Treat your parents with loving care

In the garden, a 70-year-old man and his 30-year-old son were sitting on a bench. Near them, a sparrow (bird) perched on a tree.
The father asked his son, “What is this?”
The son responded, “It’s a sparrow.
After a few moments, the father inquired of his son the second time, “What exactly is this?”
“Father, I just told you it’s a sparrow,” the son said.”
Soon after, the father asked his son, for the third time, “What is this?”
This time, the son yelled at his father, “Why do you keep asking me the same question over and over, despite the fact that I have told you so many times ‘IT IS A SPARROW? Are you unable to grasp this?”
Later, the Father went inside and returned with an old diary that he had kept since the birth of his Son. He asked his son to read the page he opened. The following words were written in it as the son read.

“My three-year-old son and I were sitting in the garden today when a sparrow perched on a tree. My son asked me what it was 15 times, and I told him it was a sparrow. Every time he asked me the same question for the 15th time, I hugged and smiled at him then I answered. I was not irritated, instead, I felt compassion for my noble child”.

“ And today, when the father asked his son the same question just three times, his son became very upset”, the father said.
The son felt ashamed “I’m sorry, father,” the son said as he wrapped his arms around him.

If your parents reach old age, do not despise them or regard them as a burden; instead, speak kindly to them and be cool, obedient, humble, and kind to them. Be mindful of your parents’ feelings. They’ve been looking after you since you were a baby. They have lavished you with their selfless love. They walked through mountains and valleys just to make you a better person.


  1. apeaceofmymind says:

    Lovely 🥰 so sad how indifferent the young are to their parents who sacrificed so much for them. Ingratitude and prideful impatience rules. They almost become embarrassed. Guess we’ve all done that too.


  2. joyroses13 says:

    Beautiful story!


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