Anger builds nothing but destroys everything

   “Thomas was about going to work.
   “Darling, I would like to eat Vegetable soup and pounded yam, my favorite”, he turned to Edith, his wife and said.
   “Yes, I will do that for you, honey. Today is weekend, I will be back from work on time. This one will be the best. I’m going to make it very special”, Edith said (they both kissed and Thomas left).

   Edith left too after she was done with the house chores.
   At work, Edith got a call that her mum was sick and had been taken to the hospital. She took permission at work and rushed to see her mum. It was really a stressful day for her. She came back home late and was not able to prepare the vegetable soup. She could make yam porridge.
   When Thomas came back and saw his food served on the dinning table. He was very angry. He never wanted to hear his wife out. He started calling her all manner of names.
   “What did I tell you to prepare for you. Get out. I don’t want to see you”, he said. His wife wanted to explain to him but he was very angry. She left the room. She stayed in the sitting room and there she fell asleep.
   At late night. Thomas got calls from his wife. He never picked. He was mad at her. She called many times but he didn’t pick.
   In the morning, Thomas woke up and found out that everywhere was quiet. He looked for his wife and he saw her in the sitting room lying lifeless.
   “Baby” he yelled as his hands went over her body. Her body was cold.    He placed his head on her chest and realized she wasn’t breathing.
   He called her many times but she never answered. Edith is gone.       Thomas cried but it’s too late.
   Edith was asthmatic. When she was calling at night. She was having crisis which only her inhaler could solve. She was very sad that night.       She forgot her inhaler in their bedroom. She was calling Thomas while she was struggling to live but anger kept him away. He lost her lovely wife who truly loved him to the cold hands of death out of anger.

Anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything.

One response to “Anger builds nothing but destroys everything”

  1. Sad story but great reminder.


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