Never stop trying.

A young girl participated in cecovision song contest, one of the global singing competitions.
She failed the competition and was heartbroken.
She participated in the competition again and she failed the second time. She was very sad.
“I can’t sing. I don’t know why I’m not talented. I’m a failure”, she yelled.
She never auditioned for the singing talent show again. She thought she could never win.
One day, the young girl was singing when an elderly woman who was once a singer heard her beautiful and tuneful singing voice. She approached the young girl.
“My dear you have a very sweet voice”
“Thank you ma”
“Have you heard of Cecovision song contest. It is coming up soon. You need to perform there”, the elderly woman said.
“Ma, I’m a failure. I have tried the competition two times but I failed. I think I am not good at singing”, the young girl cried.
“My daughter, you are good at singing. Two times is not enough to give up. A person can fail many times, but they are not a failure until they give up. You have a melodious voice. Believe in yourself, be positive. Be focused and determined. I am very sure you will win”, the elderly woman convinced.
The young girl auditioned for the competition and was one of the selected people to participate. She was very determined to win. She kept practicing the song she would sing that day.
On the day of the competition. It was her turn to perform. She stood up and was courageous. She stood on the stage and sang. Her performance was very great.
“What a talent”, One the judges said.
“This young girl is so amazing”, another added.
When it was the time for the result to be called.
“The winner of this year Cecovison song contest is Sophia Charlotte “, the judge said.
The elderly woman went to Sophia and said, “You are never a failure”. They hugged.
Sophia was rewarded with $50,000(money), a singing studio, an apartment, to feature in Cecovision magazine cover and many other prizes.

Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up.


  1. apeaceofmymind says:

    SO encouraging – thanks!


  2. WR Bloom says:

    So True, Believe in yourself, If you don’t believe first then who else will


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