Let go of the past,embrace future

Thomas was a 15year old boy.
Each time he passed by on the street, he would see a woman crying.
One day, he decided to know what was wrong with her. The poor woman was always crying because of her past life mistakes. She felt that she was the unluckiest person in the world.
Thomas decided to make her happy by cracking a joke. After the joke, She was very happy.
“Young boy, you are very funny and amazing. I’m very happy”, the woman said.
“I can see you enjoyed the joke. Thanks for allowing me spend some time with you Ma.
The next day Thomas met the woman at her usual spot. She was crying. He cracked the same joke. This time, she couldn’t laugh like she did the other day.
The third day, he met her crying. He repeated the joke again. The woman was no longer interested in the joke. There was no laughter any more.
Thomas went closer to her and said

“Ma, you can’t laugh at the same joke but you keep crying over the same thing over and over again”.
This touched the woman. She decided to let go of her past mistakes and her life changed for good.

Never let your past experiences harm your future. Let go of your past so you can create a better future.


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    Amazing perspective! Great


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