Keep your dreams alive

No dream is too big when one works hard to live it. A teacher was teaching her students. She was asking them what they would want to be in future.
“Hugh stand” (the teacher pointed at Hugh).
“What do you want to be in future?”, She asked.
“Ma, I want to be an inventor. I want to invent smart glasses that will be called “Hugh smart glasses”. These smart glasses will be very nice. They will be able to make calls, transmit music and be a navigator, pedometer and calories counter. They will also have have a “find my glasses” function, so you won’t need to spend hours looking for your glasses. These glasses will be controlled by touch.
“Will you sit down. What kind of unrealistic dream for a young boy like you”, the teacher said and all the student burst out laughing.
Hugh went home feeling sad. He went to his dad and explained what happened.
“What is your name?”
“My name is Hugh”
“How old are you?”
“I’m 14years”, Hugh looked at his dad. He was wondering why he was asking him those questions.
“You name is Hugh. It means “bright in mind and spirit” . You are 14years. You have a great name and you are still young. My boy, no dream is too big when one works hard to live it. Work hard and your dream will come true. Don’t listen to naysayers”, Dad said.
Some years later, Hugh launched his “Hugh smart glasses”.
These glasses could play and control music through bone conduction speakers, track one’s activity, show notifications and allow someone to make phone calls.
“Hugh smart glasses” became the world’s first pair of smart glasses that were designed for everyday use. Billions of Hugh glasses had been sold.



  1. beth says:

    so inspirational !


  2. petespringerauthor says:

    This story brings back a memory from my teaching days. I used to have my students make up an invention idea. Some of their ideas were brilliant. It all starts with a thought, and I’m all about proving the naysayers wrong.


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